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   Our world is becoming a concrete jungle.  So little natural habitat is left for the animals. We need to give something back not only for them but for ourselves. I am always crushed by the new development that I see here in south Florida. This is NO tropical paradise. South Florida is a one big urban sprawl, so unlike the concept many have of this once lush area.  The everglades has been polluted for years and we have reduced the size of it by 3/4! The more people who live here the worse it gets. Its not just south Florida either, its everywhere.  Where are all the animals supposed to go when we just keep beating them up and ripping their habitat to shreds? No wonder alligators are crawling through dog doors in south Florida!


  Developers don't even replace all the trees and plants they rip out when making a new development. They don't even install wind turbines or solar panels for the new developments but they make the size of the houses huge so they suck up more energy than ever before.  In Florida the state allows developers to literally BURY ALIVE gopher tortoises to make way for yet another WALMART SUPER CENTER and housing development!  These are all such sins in my opinion!


   Why do we need to keep developing land and ripping out the trees in the process? Do we ever wonder why there are such catastrophic floods worldwide or deadly droughts and gigantic hurricanes? Do we care anymore? Do we even stop to consider that WE are the cause of most of it? By tearing down the rainforests we induce flooding, by overdevelopment we cause droughts from deforestation and paving of the earth, and global warming is in part a catalyst for larger and more powerful hurricanes than ever seen before.  In short, our burgeoning population, like our expanding waistlines, is killing us and our planet!


   In Florida they keep building more developments even though hurricanes will wipe them out or cause considerable damage. The cost to insure all of the new development contributes greatly to the horrible insurance crisis all Florida homeowners face. The more they build the more that can get damaged and the higher the insurance premiums go! Don't think this is specific to Florida either. New Orleans is built in a soup bowl and after Hurricane Katrina they are rebuilding again, only to be wiped out at another time and costing the tax payers billions of dollars once again! North and South Carolina have overdeveloped on their coasts as well and someday hurricanes will wipe that out or cause considerable damage, only to be rebuilt with taxpayer dollars and the high cost of insurance premiums. Mississippi and Alabama have overbuilt as well and casinos have been located right on the shoreline.  I have heard Dr. Max Mayfield from the National Hurricane Center talk about how sick he gets every time he flies over the coast lines of hurricane prone areas. He says it defies logic to keep building on these shores. Too many people build on the ocean and although their houses are above the sand, their heads are buried in it! They fail to even fathom that gee house that sits ten feet from the surf will one day be blown away. Even Jesus himself said "a foolish man builds his house on the sand."  I believe that the government should pass legislation forbidding development within two miles of all coastline, especially in hurricane areas. It doesn't seem American I know but think about the potential for saving lives and money!


  Everywhere you go in America it virtually looks the same these days. All the cities and towns have the same corporate run chain stores and restaurants. The shopping malls and strip centers and houses all blend together from the east coast to the west coast,  from the midwest to the south. The only noticeable difference is the topography but as development occurs, they ruin that too. There are hardly any small town charmers out there and if there are the few that remain are being threatened by massive urbanization and development.


   Everyone wants a huge house these days even if only two people live in it. Everyone wants to be close to the malls but at the same time don't mind driving further and further to get there because they just moved to a new development located further from the city.  Americans are actually creating more need for gasoline as our developments move farther and farther out. Hardly anyone ever uses sidewalks or bicycles anymore - they get in their big gas guzzling SUVs and drive to the gym so they can work out but would never consider walking to the store instead of driving to it. We'll drive 1 mile to the mailbox instead of walking to it for exercise and pollution reduction. We'll spend $50 a month for a gym which costs even more in gas to get there but won't walk a few miles for free. Go figure! 


  China has now well over 1 billion people and that country is rapidly becoming a major player in the use of energy.  The Chinese people are now buying cars and with that using more gasoline to fuel them. This can lead to global tensions over energy supplies. Again, it is imperative to switch to independent, renewable forms of energy in this country and worldwide!














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