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Local Wildlife


  I wonder if the adult iguana to the left is one of the parents of the hatchings in my yards.  Prior to Hurricane Wilma who blew in on October 24, 2005, I had not seen any feral iguanas in my neighborhood. I have lived here since January 1995 which is a long time. Shortly after the hurricane I saw one run across a major street near my house.  A few months later, the one pictured to the left showed up for several  hours, lying on the top of my fence in the tortoise pen.  On 07/20/2006, I saw for the first time two iguana hatchlings in the font yard.  All video and pictures were taken from inside my front bedroom window.


  At first I thought I only had two hatchlings, then I saw three at one time, then four, then six! Like the curly tail lizards they travel back and forth between the front and back yards. When I go outside I usually see them because they are pretty much running around the yards. Most of the time they stop long enough for me to get within a few feet of them.  They will listen to me talk to them a bit and then they climb up a palm tree or go into the avocado tree. They are now helping themselves to lettuce and fruit in the tortoise pen. I have even been in the pen when one came to eat and he didn't leave for quite some time. I think that over time they will become more used to me and may not run away so fast. I feel more than blessed and honored to have them here and hope they continue to make a home here at Diane's Zoo. I hope that you enjoy seeing them a sliver as much as I enjoy having them here with me!  Enjoy!



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UPDATE! March 9, 2007


Since Thanksgiving week 2006 we have had some pretty cold weather for south Florida on and off and I was worried about the feral iguanas. Since Thanksgiving week I had only seen them a few times but then on March 6 I finally saw this one basking on top of the alamanda plant and thorny palm trees. Then the next day it was there as well and then next day too! I'm hoping it will continue to make Diane's Zoo it's home! I have seen two at one time so at least two of the six are still around. On Tuesday, March 13 for the first time I was able to HOLD one of the iguanas! It was one of the coolest moments of my life!!! I got a little close to it on the palm tree where it was basking so it jumped down and into the pond. I couldn't believe how fast it swam to the other end where I found it on the surface trying to get out. I picked it up and held it for several minutes. It didn't even try to bit me. Then I put it back in the palm tree but if fell down and went back in the pond when I tried to approach it. So I picked it up again and held for a bit and then made sure it would stay in the palm tree when I put it back. Shortly thereafter, it left the tree and I haven't seen it since. Apparently it wasn't too happy about being picked up but I am pretty sure it will come back. I just need to leave it alone so it will feel "safe." Too bad because it would have been really cool and fun to hand feed them.



Basking on the alamanda and thorny palm trees


The following pictures were all taken in the summer of 2006 after I first noticed them in July.









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