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Guinea Pigs


Feeding & Water


  This is a list of foods that I feed my guinea pigs every day:

  • Apples - all seeds must be removed!!!

  • Carrots

  • Fresh grass from the yard

  • Mexican Petunia leaves and flowers from the yard

  This is a list of what they have in their cage at all times:

  • Timothy hay

  • Mazuri brand guinea pig pellets

  This is a list of additional foods I give them when I have them available from my garden:

  • Tomatoes

  • Green, yellow and purple bush beans

  • Parsley, Cilantro, Basil (sweet and purple) and Oregano

  • Romaine, red leaf or green leaf lettuce, or endive (chicory)

  • Green peppers

  In nature guinea pigs don't eat lettuce, they eat grasses, leaves, flowers, etc.  They absolutely love eating the Mexican petunia leaves, especially the flowers. When I bring them outside to run around they will often eat the petunia plants on their own so I decided one day to try giving it to them on the food tray. They loved it, especially the flowers so now its a daily staple and it certainly $aves on my food bill! You have to make sure there are no ants on the leaves or flowers but other than that its an excellent source of food for them and since its free I love it even more! The pink variety of the Mexican petunia is pictured on the right. I have more of the purple variety than the pink and they like the flowers of both equally but the pink flowers seem to have more ants on them for some reason. I tried feeding them hibiscus flowers and leaves but they do not like them the same as the petunia plants so I stopped adding them to the plate of food since they basically left them alone.


  Be sure to visit my vegetable gardens page to see what vegetables I grow for the guinea pigs and read about my experience and see my photos.


  IMPORTANT:  Guinea pigs do NOT manufacture their own Vitamin C! You MUST supplement their diet with Vitamin C. Mazuri brand pellets contain the necessary Vitamin C so if you give them those pellets they will be fine. However, I also give my guinea pigs apples every day which have Vitamin C. Do NOT feed your guinea pigs citrus though!!! Citrus fruits, while high in Vitamin C will cause diarrhea in guinea pigs.


  Guinea pigs need to have their water bottle filled with fresh water everyday.  Some pigs drink more than others so monitor their water carefully so that they never run out.  I have never tried giving them water in a bowl but don't think it would work too well. When you get guinea pigs from a store or a rescue shelter or group they will already have been accustomed to using the water bottle. Besides, they would more than likely spill the water bowl over!


  I hope that my information on guinea pig feeding and water was helpful to you.


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