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Fossil Fuels & Terrorism


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  When I began this habitat section I was discouraged by the problems we faced as a nation due to our dependence on foreign oil coupled with our loss of manufacturing jobs to countries like China. We even began outsourcing customer service jobs to countries like India. It seemed that every time I turned the news on or read articles I was informed of the dire economy in which we live in. The housing slump and rising foreclosures on homes combined with the rising prices of just about everything due to out of control oil prices was enough to make me ingest a bottle of prozac just to cope! I've been saying for years that our nation's sickening dependence on foreign oil was not only causing mass damage now but would continue to inflict serious harm on our country that would be catastrophic if we didn't reverse course and begin to implement a domestically grown energy infrastructure from clean renewable sources of energy. It would be beneficial not only in making us more secure militarily but it would create much need jobs that have vanished and most likely wouldn't ever come back.  As I state on this page, our oil based world creates many problems that all interrelated. Having one source of energy that the world primarily relies on, especially the United States, is NOT a good thing! Add that the majority of the oil the United States uses comes from OTHER countries and you have potential problems boiling out of the pot! As we now see, the price of a barrel of oil has far reaching consequences way beyond the price of a gallon of gasoline at the pump. We are now faced with rising prices on just about everything that we encounter in our daily lives. This is a problem of our own making but the beauty of it is that we CAN fix this problem and although we created it, we can change it for the better!


  Now with the Pickens Plan we CAN become more involved with our country and finally get some positive changes made so that we can become energy self sufficient utilizing clean and renewable forms of energy! We can create vitally needed jobs right here at home while in the process bring ourselves into the 21st Century of energy technology utilizing clean renewable sources like solar and wind. I've always said that the oil companies should be at the forefront of the green energy revolution because they have the capital, engineers and technology to do so. The oil companies don't have to shrivel up and die they just need to transform themselves into 21st Century companies by implementing the energy sources of the future - the ones like solar and wind and biofuels that really aren't the way of the future though because they have always been here. The difference is in harvesting them for mass use not in figuring out what is out there to harness. We've known for decades the power of these resources but because of pure evil greed and good old American capitalism at it's worst, we've been stuck in the dark ages of energy technology and that my dear friend is a shame! It took a man like T. Boone Pickens and his billions of dollars of oil money to come to the rescue of the American people. And I do mean rescue because we are in dire straights here and if you think $4 a gallon of gasoline is expensive than wait until it gets to be $10 a gallon before we are finally free of foreign oil and producing our own domestic clean renewable energy sources. We've squandered far too many years and are now literally "paying the price" for it so it will be some time before we become energy self sufficient. It will take time but it will happen and it will be worth the effort and sacrifice. So in order to get there, I urge you to become involved and help make America a great country again! Please visit my page on the Pickens Plan to learn more and to get started on making a difference for our country and our world.


   I believe that our use of fossil fuels is one the leading causes of chaos in the world. Hurricane Katrina caused problems in part because of oil drilling off the gulf coast state, as well as our re-routing of the Mississippi River over the years.  Whether it is oil, coal or natural gas, we need to carve the earth up to harvest it. How many more coal miners need to die or get injured when it is completely unnecessary in today's modern world to use such resources? Coal has been around for well over 100 years as an energy source but it causes massive environmental damage, pollution and death. Coal miners succumb to terrible lung diseases and death from accidents. Oil is a geopolitical cause of war and terrorism as well as environmental destruction and pollution.  How many wars do we need to fight over oil?  I always say that terrorists don't need to lift a finger to hurt us in the United States. All they have to do is take control of, or set fire to, the oil fields in the middle east and that would have such an economic meltdown that it would be equal to a nuclear war. Think about the lack of oil and how well you would do. No one could get to work, you would not have electricity, stores would not have products, children would not be schooled. Hospitals could not function and people would die. OUR ENTIRE WORLD RUNS ON OIL AND OTHER FOSSIL FUELS! Think about the dire consequences of even a third of this energy source being taken away from us. How could we function? I can tell you that gasoline would be nonexistent or so severely rationed that it would be reserved for MILITARY only. If the terrorists caused a global oil crisis they would have the advantage of being able to wipe us out quite easily. Think about how vulnerable we would be as a country when we have LITTLE OR NO energy resources!


  Do you think this is all impossible or unlikely? Our government thought terrorists seizing planes and flying them into buildings was unlikely too - EXCEPT that there WERE people in the government who tried to prevent this scenario but were rebuked!!!  I don't know what will happen in the future, no one does, but I do think that our single most important issue at hand is getting off of fossil fuels both for political and environmental reasons. I cannot think of any more important factor of our lives we face than getting off fossil fuels.  The use of fossil fuels is a spider's web. It ensnares us and keeps us in a deadly grasp!  WE CAN FIX THIS!!!  The beauty is that we HAVE TECHNOLOGY today that can change the tense political situation we have around the world and the environmental crisis we face. Solar and wind technology have been around for decades but are wholly underutilized because our government has failed to push it. 

  I say its high time to liberate ourselves into the 21st Century.  No president and no session of the Congress has ever made a push for energy independence like we need. The time to act is now - not after another terrorist attack, natural disaster or war, when it will be too little too late. Our energy policy is in direct correlation to protecting our home land. Anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish.  Our energy policy is also in direct correlation to surviving a natural disaster. What if our oil supply was cut off or diminished enough to be rationed and a major hurricane was about to hit the United States but people could not evacuate because gasoline was not available. The "what if" scenarios are endless. Unfortunately, the United States has a long history of ignoring warnings and failing to be proactive.  We typically react to major disasters instead of try to prevent them, even when we are warned! Will this be another situation we fail to avert?

   For a president who seems to be obsessed with terrorism and pre-emptive wars, it decries logic that he continues to push for oil as a fuel source to aid the nationís sickening addiction to it. Donít think that trying to drill for oil in ANWR is the answer either because its not, nor is drilling on any federal park land because we should be weaning ourselves off oil now that we are in the 21st century. If the president is so concerned about terrorism, than why does he continue to push for nuclear power plants which he himself said are a potential target of terrorists? Why does our president continue to deny the incestuous relationship between Saudi Arabia and terrorism? Because he himself is in knee-deep with oil in that country as is his father and his fatherís cronies. They have been for decades and that tie keeps us from doing the right thing and severing all ties with that anti-American country. The Saudiís love us no more than Saddam Hussein does, only they love our money more. If the current president truly wanted to send a message to a country about their ties to terrorism he need only to send some of our troops from Iraq across the border to Saudi Arabia and let the Kingdom know that we no longer require their oil. Imagine a major coup in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by terrorists that holds us hostage to the oil. Imagine a global shortage of oil or sky rocketing fuel prices because of global chaos and how that would effect our economy. Havenít we learned anything from the oil shortages in the 1970s? That occurrence today would have a much wider negative impact than it did three decades ago.  Aren't we learning anything from the current high gasoline prices?  If we had no oil our economy would collapse, the majority would be jobless and the country would erupt in national chaos. 

   It only makes sense that we now fully devote our resources in research and development to going from politically explosive, expensive, non-sustainable, polluting and environmentally destructive fuel sources to apolitical, free, sustainable, pollution-free and environmentally friendly energy sources like solar, wind and water. I urge anyone who has read this page to contact your representatives and let your voice be heard on our current energy crisis. YES, we are in a crisis! We need to fully implement renewable forms of energy NOW before its too late. We need to be oil independent not only for environmental reasons but for geopolitical reasons, national security and economic security. Furthermore I urge you to support the Pickens Plan and become involved with the plan and help implement it so that we can once again become the great nation of the United States of America. Make yourself proud to be an American by supporting domestically grown energy that is 100% clean and renewable!












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