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  This big love is the "big kahuna" around Dianes Zoo!  Herodeus and I have been together since April 1998.  He is mostly German Shepherd but does have some other type of shepherd in him. I found him at an animal shelter near my house where he had been for at least six months they said. I couldn't believe no one would have wanted this absolutely handsome boy!

  Herodeus was about a year and a half old when I adopted him and certainly was a little mischievous in the beginning. He loved to take shoes outside and hide them.  Overall though he was not too destructive.  He fit right in and I think enjoyed being in a home rather than at a shelter. Jajjuzza welcomed him into the fold and they played together quite a bit back then, before her condition deteriorated.  Although he got along well with other dogs, he hated cats and would go after them. One time he got lose and ran down the street trying to kill my neighbor's cats. Luckily we were able to grab him before he grabbed a cat. He also had a tendency to be aggressive towards children and other animals on walks. It was difficult to keep holding him on the leash. He was, and still is, quite aggressive at the gate when people come over, especially to people in uniforms like the letter carrier and UPS/Fed Ex people.  Once he knows who people are his mellow side comes out and he is just the biggest love you'll ever know! At first the neighborhood kids were afraid of him but now they just love him to bits and pieces and he loves them. 

  Now that Herodeus is about 10 and half years old he has definitely mellowed out.  He is still in great shape and loves to run and go on walks. Sometimes we go to the park where he can run and enjoy himself. He loves being outside in my fenced in yard and spends a lot of his time looking for lizards in the back. He tries to go after birds but has never figured out that he'll never be able to get them! Occasionally he does get an opossum or a rat and I have to clean it up. He is definitely a boy dog but he has a big heart for me and loves to cuddle and snuggle up with his mom!

  I hope that Herodeus will be here for another five years and still in good shape. I worry that his hips will go out but so far so good. I give him kelp with garlic to help with that and to keep the ticks and fleas away.  I swear that it works to keep the ticks and fleas away! I used to give him garlic and brewers years tablets as well but his eyes were getting too crusty so I stopped and the eye problem went away.  He does get Heartguard for heartworms though. I don't want to risk him getting a serious, deadly disease.  Although he does shed being the shepherd that he is, I think the kelp with garlic helps reduce the amount of shedding. In the spring I shave him for the summer which keeps him from shedding for a while.  I do comb him but the more you comb the more that comes out! I could get rich selling his fur so much comes out. He has a very thick undercoat. I swear its like sheering wool!

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